MSNBC Producer Kyle Griffin Fails Bigly in an Effort to Take down Trump, Shoots Himself in the Foot

MSNBC Producer Kyle Griffin Fails Bigly in an Effort to Take down Trump, Shoots Himself in the Foot
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We’ve been bringing you a lot of details of the Christmas bombing in Nashville.

Three people were injured and more than 41 buildings damaged over multiple blocks. An RV which blew up in front of an AT&T data center was believed to be the cause of the explosion. Prior to the explosion, police had responded to the a call of shots fired in the area and reports that the RV was playing a recorded warning, telling people to evacuate that a bomb would be going off.

Law enforcement has identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the bomber and determined that he died in the blast.

A pretty important news story. So you would think that media would be doing their best to be accurate about all the aspects surrounding it.

But not when their Trump Derangement Syndrome interferes.

For a good part of the last few days, multiple media folks have spread the story that President Donald Trump hadn’t commented on the Nashville story, apparently trying to imply that there was some reason he hadn’t done so. The left is constantly doing this kind of thing when it comes to Trump, but the media often feeds it with their inaccurate reports.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin proved why MSNBC is so bad at actual news, but great at falsehoods.

He had three days to catch up, yet MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin was still spinning this morning.

But there’s big problem with this claim.

Because, of course, the president did comment on the bombing, on the day that it happened, on Christmas.

He didn’t say a lot but he hit the most important points.

“President Trump has been briefed on the explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, and will continue to receive regular updates. The president is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured.”

The Nashville mayor reported that Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) had spoken with the president about the disaster aid that they were going to need for the area.

“Our senior senator I know talked to him yesterday, she said, and he apparently had been following the news very closely and was committing help from the federal government aspect for which we are grateful and we’ll need that,” he told CNN.

Media and folks on the left attack the president’s Twitter use but that if he doesn’t say something on Twitter and actually makes a formal White House statement, they act as though it didn’t happen. How much does it take to check and see that Trump issued a statement? Not to mention that obviously he’s in conversation with folks like Blackburn on the issue to help the area?

The bottom line is they’re not even doing basic Google searches before going into their TDS attacks.

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