Two Mask Stories and the Response

AP Photo/Eric Gay

So, to close out the weekend, here are a couple of stories about people who didn’t wear masks and the rabid response to them.

First, the story of six people in a subway in New York, three men and three women, who ganged up on an Asian woman for not wearing a mask. They made anti-Asian comments to her and then started punching her.


If you’re concerned that someone isn’t wearing a mask because you think they might be spreading a virus, why the heck would you then get close to them and punch them? That’s just a little nuts, not to mention racist here. Then, they’re either not wearing masks themselves or they’re wearing them wrong, as this picture shows.

Then there was this lovely encounter in a store where this woman tries to have a calm conversation with masked up people — even a woman wearing both a mask and a face shield.

So, the woman tries to have a conversation with the masked folks, explaining that “asymptomatic spread” is not “a thing,” that if she doesn’t have symptoms, she isn’t going to be spreading it.

But they’re so busy preaching at her, they aren’t listening to what she’s trying to say to them. Now, of course, as we’ve reported, there are multiple reasons to support this position.


Here’s Dr. Fauci in January.

Too soon? Later changed his mind with more evidence? How do basic rules of viral transmission change? Okay, then here’s the WHO in June.

And here’s a study in November, showing that no one of nearly1,200 contacts got it from asymptomatic people.

Then there’s this:


So, maybe all these people trying to preach at this lady ought to be listening to the point she’s trying to make and ask whether the actions being taken make scientific sense given the actual science and research being done.

Moreover, if they’re all wearing masks and those masks are the magical protectants they think they are, why are they concerned about her not wearing one? Shouldn’t their masks protect them? It shouldn’t matter if she’s not wearing a mask, right?


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