'Person of Interest' in Nashville Bombing Identified, Police Now Searching Home Related to Him

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Information appears to be breaking quickly in the case of the Nashville bombing.

As I wrote earlier, the police had identified a “person or persons of interest.”


Now, CBS is reporting the name of that person as 63 year old Anthony Quinn Warner and police appear to be at a property related to him now. Police have not yet officially confirmed that name and it’s important to note that a person of interest is not necessarily the same thing as a suspect.

An RV that looks very similar to the RV believed to be involved in the bombing has previously been parked at that house and can be seen in Google Earth pictures of the address.

Sharp-eyed folks on the Twitter have noticed what appear to be slight variations in the pictures of the vehicles. The RV that had been in his yard however is no longer there. But if he still has it somewhere, that should answer the question.


His neighbors described a man who had worked in IT/computers.

At least 2 tips were called in to the FBI about Warner prior to the explosion. It’s not clear what the tips were about. If he is actually found to be connected to this, that’s going to come back on the FBI if they could have prevented this and failed to do so.

According to the authorities, no one is physically in custody at this point. Police did find what they think might be human remains near the explosion but they haven’t yet confirmed that they are in fact human remains.

But Warner isn’t the only person who is of interest to them, according to the authorities.

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