Patriot Prayer, Others Push Their Way Into Oregon State Capitol After State Legislators Hold Meeting Without Letting Public In

AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

About 300 demonstrators from Patriot Prayer and a variety of groups came to the capitol to see the legislative meeting to vent their opinions about restrictions and about the election.

But they were thwarted and disturbed when they found out that they couldn’t get in to listen to a special session on pandemic relief and virus restrictions, that the session had been closed to the public allegedly because of virus restrictions. Unless a session is a work session, it’s required to be open to the public. But only lawmakers, some staff and reporters were permitted inside the building.

Protesters then tried to push their way into the building but were stopped by state troopers and members of the Salem Police Department. Some of the protesters were armed with rifles or pistols which are legal to carry on the grounds in Oregon but there were no reports of anyone using or pointing them.

At one point police drew back and some of the crowd was able to enter the building. But then the police declared an unlawful assembly and there are reports of them using a deterrent which may have been pepper spray.

Here’s some of the video from the encounter. The “blue tear gas” wasn’t tear gas.

The protesters removed tarp that was covering a bas relief sculpture which had previously been vandalized.

There is no indication that anyone used or pointed any of the weapons but the same people who have justified and saw no problem with Antifa melted down over the fact that these folks were armed.

Two people were arrested when they refused to leave the building.