Thousands Come Out for Trump, Urging 'Stop the Steal,' Where They Are Shows How Broad Trump Support Is

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Democrats are fond of claiming in their attacks on President Donald Trump that he’s not respected in the world.

On the contrary, he’s greatly respected in many parts of the world, and very supported, especially by those who get what he stands for versus their enemies, for those standing against a lot of evil regimes such as Iran or China.


Trump is greatly loved both in Hong Kong and in Taiwan for the strong stance he has taken against China as well as the support that he’s given the freedom-loving people in both places.

Taiwan sees the alternative in Joe Biden with his connections to Communist China and they are rightfully very concerned as to what that might mean for them and the security of their island. They also don’t believe the results of the election, like many Trump supporters.

Thousands turned out in Taipei, Taiwan to support Trump and call to “Stop the Steal” and encouraging their fellow citizens to “Fight for Trump.”

From Taipei Times:

“Without US protection, Taiwan would not have its freedom, and instead we would be slaves ruled by communist China. Trump is the best US president for Taiwan, signing laws to have officials visit and sell US weapons for us to fend off a Chinese military attack,” pro-Taiwan independence campaigner Rishen Wu (吳日昇) said at the march.

In the crowd, an American, who identified himself as Jerry, said he was touched to see so many Taiwanese at the rally.

“Trump knows what it takes to counter China’s military adventurism. He has done the most for Taiwan, safeguarding its freedom and democracy… For Biden, I am not so sure if he will defend Taiwan so strongly like Trump has done in recent years,” he said.


But it just shows how many countries, not just ours, relied upon and appreciated Trump standing in the breach against a lot of the evil boiling around the world.



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