Biden Responds to Questions About His Coughing During Speech

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As we reported on Monday, Joe Biden gave a speech after the vote of the Electoral College.

Biden had real trouble, seeming to struggle to read the teleprompter. In addition to the fact that the speech seemed discombobulated and mostly about expressing anger at President Donald Trump. He attacked the president for pursuing his constitutional options which took real gall considering the nature of what Democrats have done over the past four years in their attacks on Trump to delegitimize him and his presidency. But what people most noticed about Biden’s speech was that Biden was coughing up a storm and clearing his throat throughout.


Then his wife Jill Biden led him off the stage.

That of course led to people expressing concern, speculation and tongue wagging.

From Daily Mail:

Social media users took to Twitter to voice their worry and crack jokes with one user saying ‘Drink some water, Joe. You’re scaring us.’

One Twitter user asked ‘Does Biden need a COVID test?’ and another chimed in ‘Someone get Biden some Robitussin stat!!!’ [….]

Congratulations. But please…please advise President-Elect Biden to cough into the bend of his arm, not into his hand. As a physician, I cringe every time I see that. Please. Practice it ‘prn’ [if needed], but no more coughing into his hand. Set a good example. Thank you,’ Dr. Melody McCloud tweeted.

NPR political correspondent Scott Detrow said it’s normal for Biden to clear his throat and cough in speeches, but noted, ‘That’s the most sustained coughing I’ve heard though.’

One Twitter user shared ‘Biden cleared his throat at least 17 times tonight in his 14 minute speech!’


Some suggested he particularly choked/coughed when saying there wasn’t a speck of fraud in the election.

Now that Biden has responded to the questions.

Joe Biden admitted he was sick, blamed his coughing storm and hoarse voice during the address on a “bit of a cold”.

From NY Post:

“Thank you, I have a little bit of a cold, I’m sorry, but look, you know, you did it, you did it, not a joke,” Biden said during the livestream, according to Fox News.

“This campaign for president was more like the first time I ran as a 29-year-old for the Senate. I believed that ordinary folks and extraordinary folks would get together and make this work. You didn’t let us down. You didn’t let the country down. I really mean it, think about it,” he continued.

According to the Post, Biden claims he was tested for the virus last on Friday and was negative.


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