Biden Coughs up a Storm During His Speech, Sets Tongues Wagging

It’s been a pretty busy day, with the Electoral College vote and the GOP Electors voting on an “alternate slate” of Electors to the Democratic slate that voted for Joe Biden in the contested states, as we reported.


Democrats in Michigan were apparently so incensed that the GOP dared to try to exercise their constitutional rights, they had State Police blocking the Republican Electors at the door to the state house so they couldn’t come in and vote.

Also today, a judge in Michigan ruled that forensic audit results of the election conducted on the Dominion voting systems could be released. They called into question the results further, saying that the election in Antrim County was “not certifiable” because there was a system problem, thus raising the question as to other machines elsewhere in the state and the country. Dominion denied that there was any systemic question.

To cap the day, Joe Biden came out to talk to the nation, to say that now was the time to “heal,” that voting for him was battling for the “soul of the nation.” And just as it was throughout the whole year, he spent more time attacking President Donald Trump than he did actually saying anything about what he would do or doing any actual “healing.” The whole speech was actually pretty nauseating.

Maybe it was the end of the day, maybe at the end of a very long year, but suffice to say, Biden was struggling and squinting to read the teleprompter for what should have been an easy speech.


But what people noticed first after the discombobulation of the speech, was the fact that he kept coughing and clearing his throat throughout the address.

He also seemed to be led off the stage by his wife, Jill, avoiding a question about his son, Hunter.


That of course immediately got people talking, including folks on the left worrying and wishing for his good health.


This then sparked the discussion of what happens if he were to pass before the election is certified by Congress. The answer to that is that Kamala Harris is not assured of succession, although it would likely be her. The Congress actually could select someone else. It doesn’t become her and the election doesn’t become certified until the Congressional certification. Because the election isn’t actually done until the Congress certifies it, that’s why the Trump team with the alternate slate of electors are still holding out for the possibility of that option.

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