TIME Names Their Person of the Year and Boy, Do They Blow It Big Time

(AP Photo/ TIME)

It’s that time of year again, when TIME announces their person of the year.

Each year, it becomes a question of how much they will try to fit into the political narrative by who they choose.


This year, their choice says a lot about where Democrats are really at.

The person of the year is supposed to be the person, who for good or ill, really carries the year in the news. That would of course be President Donald Trump. But that’s not who they chose.

They chose Joe Biden. But not just Joe Biden. Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris.

So apparently to TIME, Biden isn’t even worthy to be picked by himself, he has to have Harris included? Doesn’t that just say it all. While they certainly campaigned, they haven’t actually gotten in and they haven’t actually done anything. “Person of the Year is not just about the year that was, but about where we’re headed.” This is Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize reasoning again. Apparently saying things that the left wants is sufficient. But actual presidents in the past were given the cover on their own. Somehow even ?TIME recognizes Biden is deficient.

If they didn’t want to chose Trump, there are a slew of other people they could have chosen.

How about the doctors who developed the vaccines? I guess that’s a non-starter because then they might have to recognize Trump and Operation Warp Speed and how much that influenced getting the vaccines in historically record time. Oh and corporations like Pfizer that’s probably not good.


But here’s the folks I really think worthy of note.

That’s the doctors in China and the journalists who tried to warn us, some of whom ‘died’ or were disappeared.

This brave guy would get my nod, he literally gave his life to warn us.

How about this Chinese citizen journalist who tried to expose the truth behind Beijing’s cover-up of the early days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak?

Chinese authorities have now detained her for over six months, with a feeding tube forcibly inserted against her hunger strike against the government for how they’ve treated her. Naming her would have helped highlight her case and maybe save her life.


But that of course wouldn’t be the virtual signaling that naming Biden and Harris would be, it would actually be recognition of actual important work done.

TIME did declare “frontline workers” TIME’s “guardian of the year” and included people like Dr. Anthony Fauci. How do you award Fauci but then still try to attack Trump for his response? It’s a cognitive dissonance.

They also listed “racial justice organizers” as “guardians of the year.” Um, sorry, but anyone connected to any rioting, the BLM or Antifa doesn’t deserve such a title. Indeed, anyone connected should win “destroyers of the year.”


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