Watch Pelosi Squirm When Asked What She Knew of the Swalwell Chinese Spy Scandal

In the wake of the news about a Chinese spy trying to get close to Democrats in the Bay Area and allegations that she may have gotten very close to Eric Swalwell, a lot of people are raising questions about whether Swalwell is compromised or if the Chinese might have blackmail information on him.


Swalwell has refused to clarify if he slept with the Chinese spy.

Why is this particularly important when it comes to Swalwell? Because he’s on the House Intelligence Committee and given highly sensitive information.

House Republicans now said they had not been told about this information although the FBI spoke with Swalwell in 2015 and that’s also when he joined the Intel Committee. Some, like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are now even calling for Swalwell’s removal from the Committee.

Very good and important questions that should be asked.

So a reporter committed a journalism and asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when she found out about the spy.

Watch her squirm and spin. First, she says she just found out about Swalwell when everyone else found out, which is dreadful if true, and dreadful if a lie. She then tries to deflect away from Swalwell and China to talk about McCarthy and “QAnon” in a ridiculous response.


Apparently, she’s saying that they didn’t identify the members involved. That’s more than a little troubling that that wasn’t identified at the time.

If she wants to talk about conspiracy theories and undue influence on members of Congress, let’s talk about the four years that Democrats pushed Russian disinformation to harm and undermine the President of the United States.

She’s really concerned about that when we have all these issues with China and spies embedding themselves, literally, with Democrats? This is her response? To spin? What are the assurances that this isn’t happening now? Or with other members? Not to mention whether he’s compromised?


Imagine all the false claims they made against Trump, his family, and the Trump team. Apparently, it mattered then, but it doesn’t matter now. Because Democrat and actual facts.

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