Adios, Free Speech! YouTube Is Now Going to Remove Any 2020 Election Videos that Contain 'Misinfo'

Adios, Free Speech! YouTube Is Now Going to Remove Any 2020 Election Videos that Contain 'Misinfo'
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Big Tech has been coming for Conservatives and they really stepped up their actions to suppress anything that went against the liberal narrative right before the election. A perfect example of that was how Twitter suppressed the New York Post story about the Hunter and Joe Biden pay for play/influence peddling allegations. They even admitted they were trying to suppress the story and suspended the account of the New York Post, one of the oldest papers in the country.

It was very clear they were trying to influence the election against President Donald Trump and in favor of Joe Biden, and they did according to polls conducted after the election. Polls of Biden voters showed that many hadn’t heard the Hunter/Joe story the New York Post released and that had they heard of it, about 4% wouldn’t have voted for Biden. The amount of people would have more than made up the alleged difference in votes in the election.

But they haven’t stopped with the election. Social media like Twitter and Instagram have been going on a spree tagging a lot of posts by the President, and anything at all that alleges election fraud. Instagram even put a tag on President Donald Trump’s Pearl Harbor post that had nothing to do with the election.

But yeah, no bias there.

But now, Youtube is taking it a troubling step further.

Today, they announced that it will now “remove misleading videos that claim widespread fraud or other errors changed the outcome of the US presidential election.”

So any videos actually showing evidence on Youtube, better download them somewhere else because they’re all going to get whacked. Just like with the NY Post story, making it much harder for you to determine the truth for yourself. Then we’ll here “no prove of any fraud” as all the videos go away. Indeed, I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence because people have been sharing videos like the one out of Georgia showing the counting in the State Farm arena where the poll watchers and media were told to leave because counting was going to stop.

Notice CNN’s subtle chastisement for them not shutting free speech down before the election.

No, the Safe Harbor deadline has nothing to do with allegations of fraud. And why are they picking a side? They, like the rest of social media is no longer a neutral platform, but they themselves have become publishers themselves with these moves if they are picking a side and deciding what does up and what doesn’t.

This is bad and is going to cause an exodus from Youtube, just like Twitter’s actions are causing an exodus to places like Parler.

Dave Rubin warned, “Time is running out.

But of course, all the Democratic spread misinformation is cool, no worries there.

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