Biden Reveals He's Completely Ignorant About 'Science' Behind Coronavirus With Incredibly Ignorant Remark

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Joe Biden basically built his whole campaign around bashing President Donald Trump over the coronavirus.

Never mind that virtually every position he took, he was wrong, late or copying Trump on. Some big “plan.” But that’s Joe.


But you would think with focusing completely on that and hiding out in his basement otherwise, that he would have been able to absorb at least some basic facts about the coronavirus.

But apparently not.

According to Biden, who claims to be about the “science,” elementary schools are where people have the highest risk of transmission of the virus.

Could he seriously be that ignorant? This of course is completely against all the “science.”

The “highest risk” is not in elementary schools, indeed it is likely lower there than in many other environments since the science so far has suggested the transmission among the young is lower.


Here’s what Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this past week.

“You know, I was very disappointed in New York when they closed schools, when they hit their 3% point, because, as you pointed out, we now have substantial data that shows that schools’ face-to-face learning can be conducted in K-12, and particularly in the elementary and middle schools in a safe and responsible way,” Redfield said.

Infections among teachers and students occur because of community transmission or virus spread at home, Redfield said.

“We’re not seeing intra-school transmission,” he said.

But Joe’s going to solve that “high” transmission problem that doesn’t exist. How?

He’s going to spend $100 billion of our money to order smaller classes by hiring more teachers. Of course you’d have to have more physical spaces, so more money for that as well.

So who is this really for if it has nothing to do with the science? Biden gave you the clue in his first sentence. The unions. This is all about servicing the unions and giving them what they want, more teachers, not dealing with the virus. Either Joe is too dumb to realize that or really, he knows and is just completely willing to pony up for the unions. One hand washes the other in a really naked swampy move.


But it’s because they care about the kids, guys, and it’s about the science! Not paying off the teachers unions, the Democrats’ biggest support.

Oh, and he intends to kill charter schools. Watch as he tells the teacher’s union person he feels the “same way” as they feel about charter schools.

Biden in power means not only swamp but the kids come last.

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