Trump Achieves Historic Stock Market High, So Naturally Media Tries To Credit Joe Biden

AP Photo/John Bazemore

President Donald Trump gave a very brief statement today on his administration reaching a historic stock market number, with the Dow Jones hitting 30,000.

When Trump took office the Dow was at 19,827 and yet he built it to incredible heights to just under 30,000 in March of this year. But then came the full force of the pandemic and the market then dipped back to Obama numbers, which made media and Democrats of course blame Trump although the reasons were all the economic lockdowns over which he had no control.


Yet Trump has brought the economy and the market roaring back, and he pointed to one of the main reasons why it was hitting those numbers today in a brief statement at the White House.

From Fox News:

β€œI’m very thrilled with what’s happened on the vaccine front, that’s been absolutely incredible. Nothing like that has ever happened medically, and I think people are acknowledging that,” Trump began, after announcing the briefing only moments before.

β€œIt’s having a big effect. The stock market’s just broken 30,000, never been broken, that number. That’s a sacred number, 30,000, and nobody thought they’d ever see it.”

The president noted it was the ninth time since the beginning of 2020 the market had broken records and the 48th time under his presidency.

β€œI just want to congratulate all the people within the administration who work so hard, mostly I want to congratulate the people of this country,” he said.

It’s the market, thrilled about all the vaccine news, with a third company announcing a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus, as well as the solid home prices that led the charge.

One of the reasons that companies were able to produce the vaccines at historic speed was because of the Trump “Operation Warp Speed” program.


But you wouldn’t know it if you looked at the media talking points today.

Clearly the memo had gone out, as media was trying to sell that the market was somehow up because of Joe Biden when Biden hasn’t done a darn thing. CNN tried to claim it was because of the “Biden transition” beginning as the catalyst, although even they had to admit there were more promising vaccine results, although they, of course, failed to give Trump credit for those results that he had in fact helped to bring about. But that’s consistent with trying to downplay anything good done by the Administration. But it was actually kind of funny that they were trying to credit Biden with it, after they’ve downplayed the stock market and said it meant nothing while Trump has been setting records in it throughout his administration because of how he’s helped the economy.


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