FEC Commission Chair: Trump Campaign Has Legitimate Claims of Election Fraud


While some in mainstream media have attacked the Trump campaign and Americans raising questions about voter fraud and/or irregularities in the election, the Federal Election Commission Chair Trey Trainor said that the Trump campaign is bringing “legitimate accusations” to court in the form of affidavits of credible witnesses and other evidence in their challenges in various states.


From Just the News:

Trainor said his review of evidence, including numerous affidavits claiming voter fraud and a sworn statement by a prominent mathematician flagging up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots, met the first level of legal scrutiny under what’s known as motion to dismiss or “Rule 12(b)(6)” of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which would dismiss less credible claims. [….]

“When considering a motion for summary judgment, a judge will view all evidence in the light most favorable to the movant’s opponent,” explains Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute website.

“What I would be concerned with, if I were on the other side of these election contests that are going on around the country, is that if you look at the level of evidence that has been provided by these affidavits — hundreds of affidavits that corroborate events that have happened on the ground — in a summary judgment phase of these cases, you have to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true,” Trainor told “Just the News AM” television show Friday morning.

Trainor said that the massive amounts of affidavits shows there was indeed fraud that took place and “the other side really needs to answer these questions.”


Trainor said these are “legitimate accusations” that are going to be tried in court and that we should “let the legal process play out.” He hoped that they were able to come to conclusion that everyone would think was “legitimate.”

As we reported previously, there have been all kinds of affidavits submitted showing problematic issues, from machines appearing to have been wrongly opened/tampered with prior to use in the election, counters giving Trump votes to Biden and hundreds of pristine non-creased ballots suddenly showing up all marked “Biden.” Some of those affidavits are even from people who say they are Democrats. Clearly there was fraud/irregularities. The question is: can you show that there was sufficient issues that will change the results?

One of those questions that could show sufficient issues is questions about uncounted votes and the Dominion systems that happened in Georgia for example and the transposition of votes in Antrim County, Michigan. How do you get a transposition of votes in Antrim County because an election official didn’t do a system update? That’s what the “explanation” was. Then we were told that the system crashed temporarily in one county in Georgia when they did do an update. So it begs the question: how could you have such a transposition and what’s going on with the “updates?” Those would have been good questions to ask Dominion Voting Systems. But they begged out of a public hearing in Pennsylvania and according to the GOP representatives there, the company has “lawyered up.” The GOP representatives blasted the company, declaring, “Why are they hiding?”



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