Newsmax Explains Why They Wouldn't Call a Winner Yet in the Presidential Race

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CEO of Newsmax, Chris Ruddy, has written a great piece on why they wouldn’t declare the presidential election for Joe Biden, like many others in media.

It’s worth reading every word of the whole piece, but we’ll try to hit some of the highlights here.


First, Newsmax observes the very basic fact that most of the rest of the media seems to have missed: the media doesn’t decide who the winner is. “It is Newsmax’s view that the voters and their respective states should decide the election, not media companies,” Ruddy declared. Media projections don’t a winner make. If they did, then the Democrats would have gained five seats in the House based on Fox News’ projection on Election Night. Yet they didn’t because it wasn’t true; it was just a projection that was very wrong. Republicans have gained 12 seats and will likely gain more when all the races are determined.

Beyond that basic fact that the media doesn’t decide, Ruddy notes, the president is challenging the results in as many as five states where the results are as close as 1% or less. Ruddy pointed out how thousands of uncounted votes have been found in Georgia. Ruddy notes Trump needs 38 electoral votes to win outright, and there are 57 in the states that are under 1% difference.

Ruddy also points to the multiple “clear-cut examples of voting irregularities,” including blocking the ability to observe and monitor the counting of mail-in ballots. He also notes the concerns about Dominion voting systems that were involved in issues in both Georgia and Michigan.

Then there are the strange patterns.

Last week, John Solomon’s Just the News reported that states were not rejecting invalid mail-in ballots at the same rates they did in the 2016 election.

In 2016, Georgia had a rejection rate of faulty ballots — with no signature, no signature match, damaged ballots, etc. — of over 6%. In 2020, it was just 0.2%.

In Pennsylvania, 2016 saw a rejection rate of 1%, this year it was only 0.3%. Michigan fell from a 0.5% rejection rate to a 0.1%.

This is not proof of vote fraud, but it is highly suggestive of vote manipulation.

Put another way, if rejection rates in 2020 were consistent with 2016, Trump would have easily won this election.


Ruddy also points to liberal professor Alan Dershowitz’s scenario that states might fail to certify a slate of electors, affecting the count to 270. Ruddy suggests Pennsylvania might be affected by that, for example.

You have to have certifications and the Electoral College votes, and no one will have that until December 14.

Joe Biden declared on September 29 he would not declare victory until the election was independently certified. But then he went ahead without it and declared victory. Since November 10, he’s even given interviews with a backboard of the “Office of the President-Elect” on it, despite there being no such office. And the media, who was in an uproar a few weeks ago that Trump might actually declare “victory” on Election Night, are now incensed that anyone would dare question their declaration of Biden as the winner, including Fox News.

We are witnessing some dangerous presumptions. The media should not be determining the next president.

In a contested race, no candidate should assume an office for which they were not officially declared.

In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore contested the presidential race in Florida.

No media organization made a projection of the winner until the race had been certified, which took until December.

No media demanded Gore concede. […]

Exactly. So why are they now? Only because it’s not a Democrat, and it’s Trump. If this were Biden in this position, they would be all in saying how the winner could not be declared.


But they’re literally trying to recraft reality to fit whatever argument they seek to put out there, and as Ruddy says, that’s a “dangerous” road to go down.

Newsmax will await the state certifications. If they give a clear indication of the winner, we will accept those results and project a winner, whether that’s Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

We strongly believe that voters decide election in America. The way it used to be.


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