Watch: Local Officials and Dominion Try to Figure Out Why Almost 2700 Votes Went Uncounted in Georgia

AP Photo/Ben Gray

Heather Mullins of Real America Voice News was able to get in with a camera to observe some of the recount going on in Floyd County Georgia and it’s definitely an eye-opener.


You may recall as we reported that Floyd County was the place where they found almost 2700 ballots that hadn’t been counted.

As GOP Chair Luke Martin explained, they weren’t able to figure out why the votes had not been scanned/tabulated with the other votes that were counted on that day during early voting.

Mullins was dealing apparently with a very board member John Scott who was apparently trying to be as transparent about everything as he could, what it seemed to show was a lot of confusion and didn’t exactly fill one with assurance when one looked at what was going on.


What was interesting was that Dominion techs were there rescanning everything with a machine.

President Donald Trump even tweeted out the above video.

They did find the boxes they were looking to rescan for the count according to Mullins.


Martin had said in an interview yesterday that he believed the problem in Floyd County may have been a Dominion problem but the Secretary of State was saying it was “human error.” This seems to show that no one was really sure why there was a problem. Which seems in itself to be a problem. Both officials said they didn’t think it was a question of a memory card not being uploaded. And since it happened in three other counties, there seems to be more than just a one time mistake. These local officials seemingly had no idea and the Dominion guys weren’t allowed to talk about it.

Now whether or not there was fraud here or it was just somehow a mistake, the confusion in itself is distressing.


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