Feinstein Begs Graham to Stop Confirming Judges and 'Allow Biden-Harris' to Appoint, Graham's Response Is Perfect

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The behavior of the Democrats in regard to the appointment of federal judges, especially Supreme Court justices has been abysmal for decades, starting with Robert Bork and finishing with Justice Amy Coney Barrett.


It has been so bad for so many years that the Republicans finally learned to fight back during the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing and stood their ground with Amy Coney Barrett despite the Democrats throwing a tantrum and leveling all kinds of attacks at them.

Now, with a supreme lack of self-awareness, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to the Committee Chair Lindsey Graham, asking that he stop confirming judges until after the inauguration.

Claiming that Joe Biden had won and Americans “overwhelmingly” rejected President Donald Trump, Feinstein said it was “imperative that the Judiciary Committee cease to process judicial nominations” to wait and allow Biden to appoint them. This despite the fact that was demonstrably untrue, the election was very close, with the counts and the legal challenges still going on.

Feinstein claimed that the committee had only held nominations twice in a lame duck presidential year when the incumbents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, had won reelection and she claimed Trump had lost.

Of course, the question of who won is still out. But Feinstein’s assertion is even so, still wrong. Steven Breyer actually was nominated by the defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980 and confirmed in lame duck session as a circuit court judge.


But the audacity after all the Democrats have done to even ask this, it’s “imperative.” My response might have been just to laugh in her face for several minutes. No, maybe if you hadn’t lied and tried to smear good people for decades, people might give you any consideration at all. But since you didn’t, people should just tell you to pound sand. And that’s exactly what Graham did.

Graham’s Judiciary Committee spox released a statement: “The Senate Judiciary Committee will continue to process judges nominated by President Trump. We have confirmed over 220 and look forward to confirming even more.”

They already have hearings scheduled for more next week.

Put it into overdrive and confirm as many as you possibly can.

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