Kristi Noem Levels Both Andrew Cuomo and George Stephanopoulos Over the Virus and the Election

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was out with a statement today about the Wuhan coronavirus in the wake of the election. He said that Republicans should accept Biden’s ‘victory’ and said that maybe now other governors would take the virus seriously.


So when George Stephanopoulos had South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on, he asked her about Cuomo’s comments and if she was prepared to work with Biden to get the virus under control.

Noem leveled Cuomo with a reality check.

From Townhall:

“Well, it is a regional increase that we’re seeing. We are testing more,” Gov. Noem responded. “And, frankly, I’m not going to take advice from Gov. Cuomo. He has the second-worst death rate, per 100,000 people, in this nation. He’s at 173 deaths per 100,000 per capita. South Dakota is at 54.”

Noem has been one of the most successful governors in dealing with the virus, Cuomo has been the worst, with the highest death rate in part because of Cuomo’s own actions making it worse because he ordered nursing homes to take in positive virus patients at the height of the pandemic, exposing the most vulnerable population. Thousands died after his order and we’re still not sure how many because New York State changed how they were recording the deaths to cover-up the nursing home association and because the state has been unwilling to reveal exactly how many deaths are related. He’s refused to take responsibility for it and the media has touted him as some kind of hero or great success when it comes to the virus. Cuomo is the last person who has the right to tell anyone else how to deal with the virus, New York was a festival of official fail from the word go in dealing with the virus.


Noem went on to praise Trump for giving each state the flexibility to deal with the virus.

But Noem also refused to go along with the Democratic talking point of “working with Biden,” pointing out that the election wasn’t over that “we have not finished counting votes.” “There’re states that have not been called and back in 2000, Al Gore was given his day in court. We should give President Trump his day in court, let the process unfold because, George, we live in a republic.”

Former Clintonista Stephanopoulos pushed the Democratic line, claiming there had been no evidence of widespread fraud. But Noem stopped him short.

“And that is not true,” Noem answered. “People have signed legal documents, affidavits, stating that they saw illegal activities and that is why we need to have this conversation in court. The New York Times itself has said there were clerical errors. … in Michigan we had computer glitches that turned Republican votes to Democrat votes. You look in Pennsylvania, dead people voted in Pennsylvania.” [….]

“So George, I don’t know how widespread it is. I don’t know if it will change the outcome of the election,” Noem admitted. “But why is everybody so scared just to have a fair election and find out? We gave Al Gore 37 days to run the process before we decided who was going to be president. Why would we not afford the 70.6 million Americans who voted for Trump the same consideration?”


The difference of course is that they would give Democrats all the possible chances they could to contest for 37 days but they wouldn’t give a Republican even a few days.

Noem not only pointed out that hypocrisy, she also pointed out the basic media ignorance with this tweet.



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