Priceless: Listen to Rachel Maddow's Reaction, as MSNBC Analyst Explains Trump Could Still Win Arizona

As we reported earlier, President Donald Trump’s team is projecting that we might know by Friday that he’s won the election in essence.

What is that based on? They’re pointing to what they feel is a likely wrong, early call on Arizona, and what they claim is a likely win there, on top of leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.


But they’re not the only people supporting this point that Trump may yet take Arizona.

Check out this MSNBC analyst on Rachel Maddow’s show explaining how and why Trump can still win Arizona, making the same point the Trump campaign is making. Listen for Rachel Maddow’s reaction when she finally gets that this isn’t just idle speculation but a very real possibility.

Maddow’s “Oh God” reaction is priceless.

The analyst explains how the votes are coming in waves, where Joe Biden won the first wave of early voting, Trump won the second bucket of Election Day voting, and now the third bucket is coming in, with Trump taking in 59% of what they were looking at so far.

If you’ll recall what we reported earlier, according to Jason Miller, Trump needed almost 58% of the remaining to win, and he’s getting 59%, according to this analysis. That’s why Maddow said “Oh, God,” that the third wave could take Trump there.


As we reported, Trump needs to hold Georgia and North Carolina to make it happen. If he can hold those and add Arizona and Pennsylvania, then he’s at 280 to 258, if Biden gets Nevada. So a lot will depend on how the numbers shake out over the next day. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be more mysterious drops of ballots all going for Biden that skew the counts.

Here’s Trump senior advisor Steve Cortes explaining it in more detail, and how not only is Maricopa County coming in with enough for Trump, but rural counties that lean heavily to Trump are also among those left to come in.

Hold onto your hats — it’s still on.


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