Trump Campaign Projecting President's Reelection by Friday

Trump Campaign Projecting President's Reelection by Friday
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President Trump’s team is out with a message today saying not so fast media and Democrats on trying to declare the race for Joe Biden.

Their argument centers around what they feel was a wrong early call on Arizona, noting that there are a lot of votes out there to yet be counted which will push it to a Trump win.

According to campaign adviser Jason Miller, while Biden leads Trump by over 93,000 votes, there are still 605,000 outstanding ballots. For Trump to win, he’d need 57.7% of the remaining votes. Miller claims they are largely Election Day votes which have gone heavily to Trump by over 70% so that the number is quite possible.

From Washington Examiner:

“Over these next couple of days, as these ballots come in and are counted in the state of Arizona, that we could be looking at, potentially as soon as Friday, President Trump being declared the winner or it being clear that he has enough votes to formally say he will win the state of Arizona,” said Miller.

In Pennsylvania, campaign manager Bill Stepien said his data shows a margin for Trump over Biden of 454,000 with 1.2 million votes still to be counted.

Conceding that many are in pro-Biden areas, he still said that for the Democrat to win, he’d need to capture “78% of those remaining votes.”

And, he added, many of those votes are also in Trump counties.

Now, in order to do that, they need to hold onto Georgia and North Carolina. While Trump likely has North Carolina, they are being obstinate about calling it, saying they’re waiting on the absentee ballots to be counted as well as the provisional ballots to assess and that they wouldn’t be declaring anything until November 12. But Trump is up by over 70,000 so it’s hard to see why they can’t just call it at this point.

But assuming those hold, there’s room out there and let’s hope that breaks right.

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