Antifa Topples Historic Statue, Sets Fire to Billboard, Threatens the President, Attacks ICE Building, But It Doesn't End Well

For being just an “idea,” according to Joe Biden, Antifa has been quite busy with destructive activity over the past couple of days.

On Monday night, they were once again marching through a residential neighborhood trying to wake up people who were trying to sleep, screaming “Wake up motherf**er, wake up!” and shining lights into peoples’ windows.


They then vandalized and set on fire a pro-police billboard on the side of the Portland Police Association building, a frequent target of their attacks. They have trie to burn it down several times.

That wasn’t all they did. They used the Portland Police Association wall as a sort of graffiti billboard of their own, cursing out and/or threatening several people including Mayor Ted Wheeler and President Donald Trump. The graffiti included “Burn it down” and “Kill the President.”

Unfortunately, this might not even get the attention of the Secret Service, despite the fact that these characters have actually attacked the government of the United States by committing terrorism against the federal courthouse in Portland.

But they weren’t quite finished yet. Radicals went to Mount Tabor and pulled down the statue of publisher and historian Harvey Scott. Some radicals later claimed Scott committed “genocide” because he fought in the Yakima War involving Yakama Indians and the United States.


On Tuesday night they gathered outside the ICE facility in Portland and threw rocks at the building. There was even had a musical interlude with a transvestite. Well, that’s unique.

But that didn’t end well.

Thinking it probably wasn’t the bad lip syncing, but federal officers thereafter rushed them in targeted arrests, as the big tough Antifa folks screamed about the officers arresting them and protested they weren’t doing anything.


Gotta love the impotent whining.

Attack federal officers, you pay the price. They’re not going to let you off like the local Portland prosecutor.

But funny how loud and whiny these folks are. For just an unorganized “idea.”


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