Response of Media and Biden Team to Explosive Hunter Email Story Says It All

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

As we reported earlier, the NY Post dropped an explosive story about Hunter Biden emails that appears to show that Joe Biden might not have been telling the truth when he said he knew nothing about his son’s business activities.

Now the Biden team is responding and that response is quite interesting. They claim that they looked at Joe Biden’s schedule and there was no evidence of the meeting that the one of the emails alleged occurred between Biden and a Burisma advisor on that official schedule.

Well, who says it would be on an official schedule? Especially if it were sort of an under the table meeting to begin with?

They do not dispute that the emails/laptop are real or Hunter’s which pretty much tells you they are real, as the Trump team immediately observed.

So how did the rest of the media deal with the story? Were they, as journalists saying, wow, big story? Not so much, some were immediately doing all they could to diminish the story. I’m sure no talking points went out at all.

As I earlier reported, a Facebook official even admitted Facebook was deliberately inhibiting the spread of the story.

Other media folks immediately climbed on board that train or tried to cast doubt on the story, without even investigating it, unlike real journalists.

But Streisand effect. Because of the efforts to try to dunk the story, it’s getting more attention and more people are not only seeing it but wondering why there’s such an effort by media and the Biden team to hide the story. It just reveals the connection and the advocacy for the Democrats.

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