Watch: Biden Violates Every Mask Wearing Rule as He Preaches at Others

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a Las Vegas Drive-In campaign event at Southeast Career Technical Academy , Friday, Oct. 9, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Democrats have frequently acted like masks are some magical protectant against the Wuhan coronavirus.

But there’s been a basic flaw in fighting the virus by the solitary focus on the mask.

While a mask might prevent some large mucus/particles that someone who is positive might spew out into the air, it’s not much of a preventative as to smaller particles.

On top of it, it’s retaining moisture and if you are continually adjusting it or putting your hands to your face, you may actually be increasing your risk.

One of the main problems seems to be that people get wearing the mask, but they don’t seem to understand proper wearing of the mask and that yes, you can get it if you’re touching everything and then touching your face.

So as I observed in writing about the press conference which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held earlier, Pelosi modeled just horrible mask behavior with a mask that just kept falling off her face, exposing her nose. Then she kept adjusting it by touching the front of the mask, exactly what you’re not supposed to do.


But she wasn’t the only one. Check out Joe Biden, the guy preaching a national mask mandate (that he, as President, has no ability to order). He literally pulls down the front of his mask with his hand after touching the podium. Then he coughs into his hand, then touches the front of the mask to move it back up again. Notice also how the mask appears completely wet, further increasing his chances of getting the virus. And if he actually had it, he would have spread it by touching the podium after coughing into his hand.

Remember the Dems are the folks who keep screaming “science!” but do things like this. They accuse Trump of trying to kill people for returning to the White House and taking off his mask when there isn’t anyone else around. By the way, I would note, Trump properly removed his mask by the ear strap not from touching the front like Pelosi or Biden.


Then Biden also had the mask down while he was getting close to people inside a gym.

As I previously reported, this is a constant behavior for the “national mask” mandate candidate, saying one thing and then doing something else again.

But just remember, science!


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