Trump Team Pulls a Great Troll on Kamala Harris After Her Incredibly Bad Tupac Comment

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FILE – In this Aug. 15, 1996, file photo, rapper Tupac Shakur attends a voter registration event in South Central Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Frank Wiese, File)

One of the big problems with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is that she’s just not very authentic. That’s why she flip flops a lot. When you don’t have a core beyond simply wanting power, you tend to change with the wind. So your responses are pretty much saying whatever you think is popular to fit whoever it is you’re talking to.

Harris made the gaffe last month during an NAACP convention where she was asked by CNN commentator Angela Rye who was the “best rapper alive?”

Harris responded by naming Tupac Shakur. Tupac Shakur has been dead for over 24 years after he was killed in 1996.

Rye tried to smooth it over for Harris, saying, “West Coast girls think Tupac lives on.”

But then Kamala had trouble naming anyone after that, revealing that she obviously didn’t follow rap.

“Um, who would I say? I mean, there’s so many. … There are some that I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane,” Harris continued, before trailing off without answering the question.

Rye replied, “That was not supposed to be a stumper.”


She can’t even answer that question, let alone any of the actual more important questions that she should be answering like packing the court. Not exactly the most transparent or competent candidate when she can’t even give proper answers.

But the Trump team decided to have a little fun with Kamala.

They reportedly left a vice presidential debate ticket for Tupac Shakur as a tease at Harris, according to Fox News:

A Trump campaign adviser shared the news on a press call, according to multiple reports.

“I asked the Trump campaign who Vice President Mike Pence is bringing to tonight’s debate,” CBS News reporter Nicole Sganga tweeted Wednesday afternoon. “A spokesperson responded: ‘Tupac.’”

Senior campaign adviser Jason Miller did it. “We have left a ticket for Tupac Shakur,” he told the press on Wednesday. “I’m personally more of a Biggie fan,” Miller joked. But he said that if Shakur is still alive, “we will have a ticket for Tupac.”


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