Jennifer Rubin's Brain Finally Implodes From Stage Four TDS, in an Unhinged Rant That's Wild, Even for Her

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Jennifer Rubin


You know that Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin has really gone over the slide when she even gets in a Twitter fight with another journalist, all because of her flaming hatred of the president.


Rubin has had rants in the past but Walter Reed Medical Center allowing President Donald Trump to go home to the White House to continue to convalesce has finally broken her completely.

To her, that was an unforgivable sin. First, she screamed at Trump for daring to be doing better and going home.

Where does she think most people who have the virus who are not hospitalized stay? They stay in their homes, with whatever precautions needed to protect family, as would be done with Trump. Given it’s a bigger house, it’s likely easier to just cut off his room for himself and Melania, since she already has it. The WH already said obviously contact would be restricted and only with people in PPE, as they would be at the hospital.

But Rubin insanely went after Dr. Sean Conley and Walter Reed.


She wants to remove care not only from the president but from the thousands of military personnel and their family members who receive treatment from Walter Reed, just because she hates Trump? Because the hospital refuses to comply with whatever it is she thinks they should do?

Journalist Yashar Ali called her out for the insanity of her tweet.

Rubin made it worse.


Rubin then blocked Ali for daring to question her.

People had thoughts on the matter.

As I said, she’s been awful in the past. But this is bad, even for her.


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