Media Spreads Conspiracies About Trump's Condition, But Trump's Latest Tweet Says It All

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President Donald Trump speaks with reporters on the South Lawn of the White House, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Washington, before departing for a campaign rally in North Carolina. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Media is really something else.

I get they are always looking to sensationalize. Add to that, it’s just before the election; many of them are pimping for Joe Biden and don’t like President Donald Trump.

But seriously, when the president has the Wuhan coronavirus and the country is concerned, now really isn’t the time to spread scurrilous nonsense about his condition.

You have folks like Joy Reid spreading speculation that the president was making this up to somehow enhance his chances in the election or get out of a debate.

This says far more about these people who are totally broken than about Trump or his administration. This from Joy Reid, who blamed her offensive blog posts on a “hacker.” She’s possibly the last person to talk about anyone’s credibility.


Then you have others today, trying to suggest the other end of the spectrum: that Trump, who we all saw walk out to the helicopter yesterday, must now be on the verge of death or in serious condition, despite only getting diagnosed late Thursday night. And that somehow, Trump’s doctors are lying. That’s just not how the Wuhan coronavirus works. It takes time to evolve. It would take several days after diagnosis before it would get to that point, even assuming the worst possible trajectory of the virus. Anything to stoke controversy or attack the president.

But you have craziness like this:

Um, yes, and now he has a virus? What’s your point?

The media just got an official update a few hours ago from the doctors. The doctors said Trump was doing very well, that the cough he had had improved, he no long has a fever, and he had normal oxygen saturation levels. According to the doctors, Trump said he felt so good, he felt like he could just walk right out of there. But obviously, they still want to monitor him. Yet, media will run or promote things said by others, despite that official report. Guess that “trust the scientists” thing is only when they think it supports their narrative.


But here’s something they can’t dispute. Trump himself, tweeting out — in his typical Trumpian fashion — how he’s doing.

Hard to get around that, crazy liberals.


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