Chris Cuomo Comes Unglued When Ted Cruz Asks Him on Air About His Brother's Virus Nursing Home Order

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It’s been a raging conflict of interest that CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been covering the Wuhan coronavirus and has had his brother on multiple times. On those occasions, he’s never asked him about the governor’s order requiring nursing homes to take virus positive patients. At least 6,000 nursing home people died after thousands of virus patients were put into nursing homes with the most vulnerable population.


But as I reported yesterday, Gov. Cuomo is now trying to rewrite history, claiming that positive patients were never even sent to nursing homes, despite the fact that his own department of health’s report admits that over 6,500 patients were in fact put in the nursing homes.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on his show and Cruz dared to bring up Cuomo’s brother. The CNN host was trying to blame President Donald Trump for the virus deaths, but Cruz didn’t allow him to get away with it. He brought up how New York had the highest death rate and his brother ordered nursing homes to take positive virus patients. That caused a complete meltdown by the CNN anchor who claimed that wasn’t “Christian” of Cruz.

No, Chris, it “didn’t happen all over the country” because most people knew by then that the elderly were the most at risk. So for example it weren’t as many nursing home deaths in Texas and Florida because they didn’t order nursing homes to take such patients because they were sane. But we already knew by Cuomo’s March 25 order that it was very dangerous.


From Townhall:

“Was it a mistake when your brother implemented a policy that nursing homes had to accept COVID positive patients and endangered the lives of tens of thousands of people?” the senator asked Cuomo without a beat. That policy, he said, was a “serious mistake.”

“My brother was the first to say that there was a learning curve, mistakes were made, and they changed things as soon as they could,” the anchor responded.

No, wrong again. It went on for three months. Then after the scandal broke in the media and the spotlight started falling on Cuomo, the state changed the way of counting “nursing home deaths” to not include those who ultimately died in an hospital, even if they became sick in a nursing home, thus obscuring the total number actually related to the nursing homes. So the 6,000 number isn’t even the real number. Some have speculated it might be twice as high.

Cuomo continued to melt down.

The CNN anchor couldn’t even pretend he wasn’t a partisan, it was pretty pathetic.


Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean thanked Cruz for asking Cuomo, finally someone putting him on the spot on the question. Dean’s in-laws were two of the New Yorkers who died in nursing homes because of the virus. She’s called for an independent investigation and the DOJ is now looking into the question.

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