Biden Wishes Jewish Americans a Happy New Year With a Despicable Lie About Trump and More Incoherence

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden scratches his face as he speaks at a campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

We keep saying that it’s a sad thing that they’re putting Joe Biden out there when he clearly isn’t up to the job.

But since they keep doing it, we have to bring it people’s attention because Biden should not be president when he seems to have trouble every day just forming coherent sentences, even in the most soft-ball interviews, with the simplest questions or points to make.

Like wishing people a happy holiday for Rosh Hashanah. How challenging can that be? His poor sign interpreter.

“May God bless you. May you have a happy, healthy & sweet new year. And you know. I, I just think that eh. it’s ah—you know, Shana Tova. Get it done. We we can do this.”

Um, exactly what is Biden talking about, “Get it done?” Do what? He’s just filling in words when he has a glitch.


He then claimed that he would work toward “economic injustice, and climate change” apparently having some trouble reading the teleprompter.

Really? What were you doing for the last 40 years that you were in government? And what does that even mean, “economic injustice?” He just reads what he thinks are nice sounding buzzwords. But when he isn’t really connected to them because he really doesn’t know what he’s trying to say, it comes off sounding completely canned and he doesn’t even get when he makes mistakes like this.

Then there was this, “put the future within our reach where states, that in, look, whatever state of life you’re in.” Huh, what? He’s trying to read it, but something isn’t right.

But one of the things that is just completely infuriating about Biden’s campaign is how he keeps repeating the same lies about the president over and over again and is virtually never tagged for them by the media. In this case, they didn’t really have a “media” person there who should have been fact checking. But imagine lying to Jewish Americans on Rosh Hashanah about Trump calling Neo-Nazis “very fine people” in Charlottesville. Biden spoke about the Neo-Nazis there. “Then when the president was asked, when a young woman was killed, what did he think, he said, quote there are very fine people on both sides. That’s not who we are,” Biden said. At this point now, this has been debunked for years. He’s been told about it, yet he still keeps repeating it. Biden also said that he would remain a “steadfast ally of Israel” when in fact the Obama administration was not, was perhaps the worst administration for Israel in modern memory.


That’s when feeling sorry for Biden’s misbegotten campaign should go right out the window because this is just unconscionable that he keeps doing things like this. And that’s not just cognitive decline, it’s morally bankrupt.


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