Say Her Name: Claudia Apolinar, Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Hero

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP
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A screen grab from a security camera video released the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shows a gunman walking up to sheriff’s deputies and opening fire without warning or provocation in Compton, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020. Officials say two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in their patrol car at a Metro rail station in what appeared to be an ambush. The sheriff’s department said the male and female deputies were shot in the head and had multiple gunshot wounds and were undergoing surgery. Deputies were searching for a suspect. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via AP)

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has now identified the female deputy who was shot multiple times in the assassination attempt on her and her partner.

We brought you her story here.

But now we wanted to identify her so you would know her name.

Here’s a picture of Deputy Claudia Apolinar when she became a deputy.

Here was what she had to deal with after she was shot.

Deputy Apolinar helped to get her partner out of the car and behind cover in case the shooter came back, all the while keeping an eye out. Despite the fact that she was shot in the jaw and in the arms, she helped her severely wounded male partner who was also shot multiple times, applying a tourniquet to him to stop the bleeding. She then called for help.

Apolinar just graduated from the academy last year, used to be a librarian, and has a six-year-old son.

A truly amazing heroic woman.

From Daily Mail:

Lead investigating officer Lt Brandon Dean told that both Claudia and her 24-year-old partner are in stable condition in hospital.

‘By the grace of God they’re both going to pull through. They’re obviously pretty injured and it’s going to be life-altering but they’re in stable condition,’ he said.

The lieutenant praised the two deputies’ ‘will to survive, their will to protect each other, their will to protect the public.’

‘They didn’t give up, they didn’t cower down,’ he said. ‘They got out and took care of each other, took cover, made sure it wasn’t an active shooter situation. You’ve got to praise them for their courage and ability to fight for their lives and everybody else’s lives.

‘It’s an extreme situation. She was shot in the face, shot in the upper torso several times. To have the wherewithal to get yourself out of the vehicle and the line of fire in case it continues, but then to take care of your partner, initiate radio traffic make sure the civilians in the area are safe, it shows a lot about her courage and intestinal fortitude.’


Police are working on the theory that the shootings may have been in retaliation for recent shootings of black men by the LASD — Dijon Kizzee in August and Andres Guardado in June.

Both have been frequent names referenced by BLM protesters. BLM people went to the hospital after the shooting of the deputies, tried to get in, and blocked the entrance to the emergency room. They shouted they hoped the deputies died and told the officers there in the parking lot, “You’re next.”

The shooter has been described as a black male between 28 and 30 years old. He was wearing dark clothing at the time of the shooting and was last seen in a black four-door sedan.


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