Watch: Biden Speech, a Painful Festival of Bugs and Confusion

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about climate change and wildfires affecting western states, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

I don’t know who thought of setting up Joe Biden giving a speech from in front of a field on Monday. But whoever did may be looking for a new job now, given how badly it came off.

The idea of being outside in and of itself probably wasn’t a bad idea. But if there’s one that’s true, you can’t control all the elements of an outdoor shoot.

Although they did put the media in the circles, even outside.

It ended up with people focused more on the bugs that were feasting on Biden than on whatever it was he was saying.

He was just explaining that “climate chain” was racist but dang, there were those darn bugs again!

Then Biden claimed that if we voted for the president rather than him, the world was going to burn/go under water because of climate change. The teleprompter must have advised him to put more energy into saying it, but doing so made it sound hilariously overdramatic.


First, the areas with issues like California, are largely controlled by Democrats and the issues are not about ambiguous “climate change” as much as about actual arson, lack of water and the failure to clear out overgrowth. But when he talks about things “ablaze,” it’s cities that have been set ablaze, with rioting and looting from leftists, not climate change. In that, his campaign staff and his running mate, Kamala Harris, donated to get people arrested during the riots out on bail. So when Biden tries to blame Trump for the weather, he needs to check in the mirror over what his own people were actually doing to make things worse.

But apparently being out of the basement, battling the bugs and expending that energy was too much.

He seemed to have trouble getting through it all. What was happening here? Couldn’t he see the teleprompter?

Then he seemed to either forget what year it was and/or that he was not in fact running for re-election with Barack Obama in 2012. He claims he and Obama made solar energy “cost competitive” with regular energy (wrong, solar energy is not able to replace regular energy as we can see in California). But he promises to do more, “if we are re-elected.” Huh?


Finally, he moved quickly away again, not taking any real questions, although someone did ask the hard-hitting question if the “gloves were off” against Trump.

His folks must just be counting the days hoping they can pull him over the line. But the debate is coming, which promises to be an acid bath for him. Trump accepted the offer to have Joe Rogan moderate a four hour debate. Biden hasn’t accepted yet. It’s hard to imagine he could survive such a four hour debate, with real questions.

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