Pic Shows Just What a Hero the Female LA Sheriff's Deputy Was After She Was Shot

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP
AP featured image
A screen grab from a security camera video released the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shows a gunman walking up to sheriff’s deputies and opening fire without warning or provocation in Compton, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020. Officials say two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in their patrol car at a Metro rail station in what appeared to be an ambush. The sheriff’s department said the male and female deputies were shot in the head and had multiple gunshot wounds and were undergoing surgery. Deputies were searching for a suspect. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via AP)

As we previously reported, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were shot multiple times in a clear ambush attack near the Compton metro station.

The shooter walked straight up to the car where the officers were sitting, pulled a gun and fired.

According to reports, both officers were hit multiple times including in the head. One deputy was a female, 31 years old, who has a young son. The other deputy was a 24 year old male.

The deputies are now believed to be in critical, but stable condition after sustaining life-threatening injuries. There’s a $100,000 award for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.

But in the horrific attack, there’s a heroic backstory, as Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin explained, and a photo that said it all. Melugin had gotten permission from the Sheriff’s Department and the families to post the picture of the injured deputy.

Despite being shot in the jaw and in the arms, the female deputy radioed for help and gave emergency first aid to her partner, applying a tourniquet to his wound. He was shot in the forehead, arm and hand.


She even got her partner out of the car to an area of safety and covered him because “they didn’t know if there was another attack coming their way,” according to Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Talk about a hero.

You can listen to an audio of her call for help here.

According to Daily Wire:

Because of limited witness accounts, the suspect is only described as “male” in “dark clothing” and the surveillance video that captured the incident used a “fish-eye” lens so the suspect’s visible characteristics are distorted.

So it may be making the person appear shorter and wider. The person is reportedly black, 28-30 years old.

So when their names are made public, will any NFL players put her name on their helmets? This is the person whose name should be honored and go on helmets, if anyone’s should.


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