BLM Folks May Suffer Some Consequences After All for Incident Involving the McCloskeys

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Turns out there might be some consequences for some of the BLM people who trespassed on private property during the incident in which the McCloskeys defended themselves and their property by displaying guns.


Nine of the BLM members have now been issued summonses for trespassing on the private street on which the McCloskeys lived. The city counselor’s office is still debating charges, according to ABC.

BLM members entered the street and some broke the wrought iron gate separating the public and private streets. A photographer covering the group reported that some of the BLM did in fact did break the gate after others had already trespassed onto the street. According to the McCloskeys, some then went on their lawn and threatened them, which is why they pulled their guns, they said.

Soros-supported Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner created a further firestorm when she chose to charge the couple for unlawful use of a weapon for displaying the guns on their own property during the incident after they had been allegedly threatened.

The Governor has said that he would pardon them if the case got that far.

Gardner is not in charge of the matter involving the BLM since the cases are not felony charges. So she wouldn’t have any say over them.

Rev. Darryl Gray, who was part of the BLM group but was not cited, claimed it was an attempt to “intimidate peaceful protesters.”

“We’re not going to be threatened, and that’s what’s happening across this country,” said Gray, who was not issued a summons. “You’ve got local governments and states who are trying to charge protesters, financially charge them, wanting them to pay costs. You’ve got others who want to make it a law against exercising our First Amendment right.”


About 300 people went onto the private street. It’s not clear why only the nine people were charged. They’re apparently still looking “to see where the accused trespassers were at the time,” according to the Deputy City Counselor.

According to KSDK, the police believe at least one BLM person was armed, according to reports from Sgt. Curtis Burgdorf, the lead investigator on the case.

He noted in follow up reports that at least one of the protesters was armed with a handgun, and another was wearing a bullet-resistant vest with the words, “Human Shield” on it.

Some of the phrases he was able to decipher from the footage collected by prosecutors from protesters included:

“You own a business. Your business is gone.”
“We coming back baby.”
“You ain’t the only (expletive) with a gun.”
“They coming back to your house.”

Mostly peaceful, right?



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