BLM Blocks Highway in Seattle, Call Black Cop a Racial Slur, but Troopers Shut Them Down Hard

Seattle Police Deparment
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Seattle police

Earlier today, BLM folks spilled onto the I-5 on a bridge during rush hour in Seattle.

BLM is constantly blocking the highways and roads, completely annoying people and turning off people who might even be sympathetic to them otherwise.


You may recall that this idiotic practice led to one person being killed because they were blocking a highway at 2 a.m. in Seattle and a car hit two of them, killing one.

Exactly what does this do besides endanger and antagonize people? No one is listening to what you have to say on the highway, especially not when they usually do it in the middle of the night.

But they were having a good time on Friday, throwing a tantrum on the highway, “If we don’t get it, shut it down!” just like children who don’t get what they want from their parents, and kick and scream in response.

People have to go to work? Too bad, all must bend over for the children.

These entitled children think they have the right to do anything they want, no matter who it hurts.

But if you listened carefully, you could hear someone yelling, “Get a job” to these miscreants.

Then the police came. They gave them a chance to leave but the BLM folks thought they could just refuse to leave. They were never so sorry. Washington State Troopers were not playing.


The BLM female leader yells at the white trooper to get out of her face and then calls the black trooper a “house n***a.” She kept insisting they had a right to be there, but the lead trooper schooled them, “You’re illegally on the freeway.” She argued she had a right to do it in Seattle. The cop dropped her, “This isn’t Seattle. This is the freeway. Read. You’ll learn.”

Cops busted all nine of the people who refused to leave and they found out the hard way, no, you can’t stand illegally on the highway.


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