Black Conservative Trump Supporters Bust the BLM for Their Real Agenda

AP Photo/John Raoux

When Joe Biden did an interview with Charlamagne tha God, we saw how he thought he was owed the black vote.

Charlamagne said he had more questions and wanted to have him back to ask more. That ticked off Biden who then said to him, “You ain’t black” if he still didn’t know that he should vote for Biden.

He revealed in that comment the Democrats’ belief that they are somehow “owed” the black vote, despite the fact that they literally do nothing to earn it.

President Donald Trump has been gaining a lot in black approval because he’s actually gone out and made an effort, he’s also come across with results, like the lowest black unemployment in 50 years prior to the pandemic. People can see that his policies are beneficial to them and by contrast the Democrats’ failures are not.

So I wanted to point out a video from a Trump rally with black conservative Trump supporters who have a few things to say about Trump and weigh in on the BLM.

One, who goes by “Maga Hulk” on Twitter and is a frequent attendee at Trump rallies said that he’s asked folks who have claimed that Trump is “racist” to produce the evidence of that, but he says they are unable to. Then another conservative weighed on the BLM, calling them “fake” because in his opinion, they really weren’t about “black lives.” He and the others spoke about the BLM desires to dismantle the patriarchy and “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.” “They want men removed out of the family, which is what Democrats want also,” one said.

“If BLM really cared about black lives, why would they be solely isolated to incidents where a black life is taken at the hands of a white cop? That happens less than 1%.” He said, “It’s the same as if I was in a horrific accident. I have uh a massive head wound, I have a leg fracture and a scratch on my finger and here come the first responders and they want to tend to the scratch on my finger.” “What about the wound on my head,” he said. “What about my fractured leg? That’s what the BLM movement is. They’re tending to the scratch on my finger but that’s not even what it’s about. If you want to help us, let us tell you how you can help us.”

He’s right and he’s even too kind to the BLM. Yes, every life is sacred and we should be concerned about every life. But where is the attention to the head wound? BLM is really not even about that 1% because if they were they would care about the facts in the cases. But they protest/riot even if it isn’t the fault of the cop. They riot even if it’s a suicide. So is it really about police brutality or is it more about the riot and pushing the country further left with “black lives” being used as an avenue to get there?