DNC Chair Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi Stoke the Riot Flames With Statements on Kenosha

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Police in riot gear stand outside the Kenosha County Court House Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Protests broke out late Sunday night after a police shooting. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

There was a police shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin where a black man, Jacob Blake was shot several times in the back while he apparently was trying to reach into his car while police were trying to stop him.

All the facts are not clear yet, it appears Blake was not stopping and reaching into his car as the cops follow him, trying to stop him.

A cop has a split second to make that decision: he may have thought he was reaching for a gun, but a cop is also not supposed to use deadly force unless he has reason to believe his life is in danger. So we’ll have to see how the facts shake out. Mr. Blake, while seriously injured, is still alive, fortunately.

That didn’t stop the riot. The rioters didn’t care to wait for the facts, attacking police, smashing every store they could and setting fire to many businesses.

But even if the facts are that the cops are in the wrong, how does that justify rioting and causing destruction in the lives of other people?

But Democratic officials, knowing the situation, knowing that it’s a tinderbox, didn’t counsel peace and justice. In their statements, instead, they stoked the flames.

Here’s statement from the Democratic Governor, Tony Evers:


”Tonight, Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times, in broad daylight, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kathy and I join his family, friends, and neighbors in hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his injuries. While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country. We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equity, and accountability for Black lives in our country—lives like those of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, Tony Robinson, Dontre Hamilton, Ernest Lacy, and Sylville Smith. And we stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites.I have said all along that although we must offer our empathy, equally important is our action. In the coming days, we will demand just that of elected officials in our state who have failed to recognize the racism in our state and our country for far too long.”

The statement from DNC Chair Tom Perez was even worse. He immediately assumes police guilt and racism.


We must rein in the police and “we cannot wait.”

Here’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

What’s missing from these statements? Concern for the facts, they jump right to a conclusion against that the police are racist. Not to mention any statement that justice doesn’t come a riot, from burning down a city, that “justice” comes through the rule of law, properly applied. That if the police were wrong here, they should pay in a court of law, that burning down the city and hurting other people isn’t “justice,” just serving the cause of chaos and the radical left. More people who did nothing in this will suffer including likely more black people, as they did in Minneapolis.


Part of the reason the riots have gotten so out of hand is because there has been largely no condemnation from the national Democrats. Indeed during the Democratic convention, there was an embrace and endorsement of the groups involved including the BLM supporters. The riots and BLM actions resulted in black people being killed and destroyed black businesses. So exactly how does that show that “black lives matter?” The only way that this is going to stop is people of all political stripes must condemn the riots. But that’s’ been sorely lacking when Democrats wouldn’t even acknowledge that the riots exist, paint them as “peaceful protests” and issue statements fanning the flames.


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