Postmaster General Testifies, Blows Apart the Dem Conspiracy Theory About the USPS

Postmaster General Testifies, Blows Apart the Dem Conspiracy Theory About the USPS
AP Photo/David Zalubowski

For the past couple of weeks, Democrats have been spreading a ridiculous conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump is trying to defund the USPS in order to steal the election by interfere in the election. They’ve spread stories about disappearing or locked mailboxes and mail sorters as “proof” of their theory.

But Trump hasn’t done anything to defund the USPS and they have sufficient funding through 2021, far past the election.

On Friday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy blew apart the conspiracy theory during his testimony before the Senate. It’s disgusting that he should even have to do that because of Democrats pushing the crazy.

There was the false claim that they were cutting overtime, therefore making the mails take longer. How that would somehow help only Trump is of course silly, but DeJoy shot that down anyway.

There would be no changes until after the election so there isn’t even anything they can argue.

As to removal of some mail boxes, it’s a normal process that has been ongoing for decades long before both him and Trump and based on operational usage. But because of the crazy, they’re going to suspend the routine until after the election.

In a real blow to the conspiracy trying to connect Trump, De Joy testified under oath he had never had any conversation with Trump beyond Trump congratulating him on his appointment.

De Joy came across as honest and while he was polite, it was clear he just thought all of this was so silly.

Democrats came off looking bad. Sen. Ron Johnson called out the Democrats for their games during the hearing.

What’s incredible here is that it’s the Democrats who are actually harassing the USPS with all this and trying to influence the election. Because of the conspiracy, demonstrators have gone to the home of Louis De Joy, protesting against him, suggesting that he had somehow broken the law. These same people have been undermining confidence in the mail service and one even chained himself to a post office box to “save the USPS” (thus likely preventing people from using the box).

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