Democrats' Convention Is Over, But the Fail in the Final Moments Says It All

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A worker vacuums the stage where Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., will speak on third day of the Democratic National Convention, Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Democratic convention is now over.

The convention failed to outline policies or plans to help the economy but did feature radical leftists and endorsed radical groups like the BLM in its words and imagery throughout the event.

Not something that one would do if one is trying to appeal to the middle and/or address the actual problems happening now.

The convention was mostly a cautionary tale for all the problems of trying to put on a virtual convention when you have an uninspiring candidate, no real policies and your only option is to try to bash the president.

There’s a deep enthusiasm gap that they really couldn’t hide and it showed once again last night.

As we reported previously, because they couldn’t have a real in person convention, the way they tried to duplicate the effect was they were having a screen showing showing 30 different people from 30 different places cheering at the end of each speech.

When Kamala Harris finished speaking, there was a problem. Apparently they couldn’t find 30 people to clap to fill the screen, so they duplicated some, as we reported. That was just a bit embarrassing when it was discovered.

So you would have thought that at the end of Joe Biden’s speech, they would have worked that out. But apparently not, because once again, they apparently had a problem with even more of the 30. But rather than duplicate people as they did with Harris, they just left those screens with the Democratic Convention logo.


While duplicates were deceptive, empty spaces just look bad.

It says something that, knowing the issue when it came up with Kamala Harris, that they didn’t bother to rectify it and make sure they had the 30 for Biden or somehow change the thing up to avoid having that empty screens.

It says they really couldn’t be bothered, that they’re going through the motions, hoping they can slide him through.

But the empty screens really are the appropriate reflection and metaphor of Joe Biden.

He’s been in public life for 47 years. What has he actually achieved beyond a crime bill that all the Democrats are running away from today? Before media was required to praise him and he was the candidate, he was best known for his years of gaffes. His first run for president was 32 years ago and he dropped out for lying and plagiarizing. He literally is the big empty through which the Democratic establishment is hoping to seize back power.


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