Media Fawns All Over Michelle Obama Speech, but James Woods Shows What a Horrible Judge of Character She Is

Media Fawns All Over Michelle Obama Speech, but James Woods Shows What a Horrible Judge of Character She Is
Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at a rally to encourage voter registration, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Most of the speeches from the DNC last night were a true snooze.

Let’s just be frank. It looked like most of them dialed it in and they couldn’t even be bothered to update their speeches. Some of them, like Michelle Obama, didn’t even mention Kamala Harris. Why? Because she hadn’t even been picked when Obama taped her speech and she couldn’t be bothered to update it and include a piece on her.

The number of people tuning in to watch this “convention” matched it and was pretty dismal, with under 100,000 tuning in.

As I reported, Obama blamed Trump for “kids in cages,” something actually built and started by her husband. That took real nerve. She also lied and said that saying black lives matter was met by derision from the White House. An explicit lie, since Trump specifically said of course the statement was true, but he did not endorse the radical political group with the same name.

But that didn’t stop the media from swooning all over Michelle Obama’s remarks because they deployed her to attack the President despite it being a divisive pack of bull. ‘Watch while I talk about going high, while going low’ basically summed it up.

Here’s a sample:

Daily Beast’s Kali Halloway called the speech “eloquent and frank.”

Politico called it a “searing indictment of Trump.”

Had enough? It was pretty pathetic. Meanwhile not even being able to say one thing that Joe Biden has ever achieved, but claiming he “listens” and tells the “truth” when in truth Biden has lied constantly even about something so basic as claiming a role in the civil rights movement which is pretty offensive. He also had to drop out of his first run for president in 1988 for lying and plagiarizing.

Here’s a little sample of Joe Biden “listening” to a voter — by attacking him, calling him a liar, and inviting him to go outside. And this was March 10. Notice the lack of social distancing.

But then, as actor James Woods pointed out with Michelle Obama, she doesn’t exactly have a sterling record when it comes to talking about the character of people.

Whoops. “Wonderful human being” and “good friend.”

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