Dem Convention Has Bill Clinton Speaking on the Same Day Pics of Him Drop With Epstein Victim

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, former President Bill Clinton speaks during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)

The DNC Convention continues to limp along.

The Democrats don’t seem to have mastered how to make Joe Biden interesting, exciting or desirable for president of the United States.

So far they’ve made it look like the lamest telethon in existence.

They’re clearly struggling when they have to throw former president Bill Clinton out there. Now Clinton certainly has a lot of #MeToo questions so his presence doesn’t help Biden who has his own questions, with multiple accusations of inappropriate touching and an allegation of sexual assault.

But those questions were again kicked up today by the release of a pictures that we reported on earlier of Clinton getting a massage from a woman who claims that she was sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein. Then a few weeks ago, a witness said that she saw him on Epstein’s island.

What a day for the pictures to drop. Now she says she did not observe any improper behavior on Clinton’s part. But Clinton went on Epstein’s plane at least 26 times including the occasions on which these pictures were taken during a trip to Africa.


But there Clinton was still embraced by the Democrats. His remarks were tired and not particularly inspiring on the whole. He even had the temerity to try to criticize President Donald Trump about how to use the Oval Office.

If there’s one person who should not be giving lectures on how to use the Oval Office, it’s Bill Clinton.

Our economy was the strongest in 50 years under Trump before the virus hit. Despite all kinds of Democratic efforts to make the situation worse, including insane lockdown rules and blocking aid relief, Trump has fought to get the economy back and has made great progress in recover since the virus. That’s what has the Democrats like Clinton so worried he’s trying to attack it. So trying to attack him over the economy is low, particularly when Joe Biden could never even hope to have brought the economic success that Trump has.


Joe Biden then had a really sad acceptance speech for the nomination. “Thank you, thank you very much for myself and my family and I’ll see you on Thursday.” That was it.

If it’s possible, it’s actually gone downhill from the night before and is even worse.


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