Seattle BLM Scuffle Injures Cop, BLM Harass Residents in Their Homes: Give Us Your Money and Your Home

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A protester using a bullhorn yells at city workers who had been installing cement and wood barricades, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, inside what has been named the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone in Seattle. The city put the barriers in place Tuesday in hopes of defining an area where emergency, delivery, and other vehicles can travel through the area while still preserving space for protesters, who have been there since police pulled back from near the department’s East Precinct after recent clashes with people protesting the death of George Floyd, but some protesters Tuesday were unhappy that the barricades were being installed. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

There have been BLM/Antifa protests and rioting continuing in a variety of cities across the country.

But perhaps none of have been more frequent and more crazy than those in Seattle and Portland.

We reported earlier about things happening in Portland and Bend, Oregon. But I didn’t want to leave out Seattle BLM’s new tactic: going to people’s homes at night and demanding that people pay them. Or give them their homes.

The videos out of Seattle are seriously delusional.

First there’s this video where Seattle BLM/Antifa appear to injure a cop. Watch the twisting of the cop’s leg after the girl in pink pulls on him, trying to de-arrest someone. They spin it as though he’s faking, but you can see how his leg twists and he likely blew out his knee. That will drop you like a shot.

You can see it here.

Another angle where the girl actually puts her hands on him while he’s down.

They also were harassing residents in their homes at night, yelling loudly and shining lights in their windows, claiming that they had helped to “gentrify” the neighborhood by the mere act of renting their homes. Therefore, they had to pay up and give back, BLM said. “We want it all,” a delusional young man says. “We want everything we’re supposed to have. And then some.”


From Townhall:

“Give black people back their homes! You’re sitting there comfortably, comfortable as f**k as if you didn’t help to gentrify this neighborhood…my family was pushed out and you’re sitting there with your other white friends!” one woman with a megaphone shouted at people in the building.

“You’re ok with it, but guess what we’re not and we’re bringing it to your front f**king door!” a man then shouted. “How do you plan to regentrify a black neighborhood!”

“Pay the fee! Open your purse!” they shouted at the residents. “Reparation time. Give us our sh*t back!”

They don’t see anything wrong with this behavior.

Just in case it wasn’t made clear when the BLM Chicago explicitly endorsed looting and stood in support of the alleged criminals who were arrested, Seattle BLM even chanted earlier in the day, “Who do we protect? Black criminals.”



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