Hundreds of Leftists Block ICE Bus Removing Two Men in Standoff That Lasted Hours

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Portland/U.S. Marshals

Radical leftists were busy last night in Oregon.

As we reported earlier, they managed to find their way back to the federal courthouse for the first time in awhile. There, they tossed a molotov and a couple of fireworks at the building. But they were stopped by the Portland Police. While federal officers are still there, there was no need for them to come out.


But hundreds were also busy in Bend, Oregon, a three hour drive to the south in an effort to stop ICE from arresting two men who the agency said were a “threat to the public.”

Officers had taken the men into custody and put them on a bus to be transported when the crowd tried to block them from leaving.

Notice in that video, the suspect called his wife which set his all into motion. So that looks like he should get an obstruction charge as well.

The standoff lasted hours, with even the local DA joining the protesters to try to keep the suspects from being taken away. “I’ve never been so disgusted by my government and so proud of my community,” said Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel


Can I say again how much I despise how leftist prosecutors are helping to destroy the rule of law? He has no idea what danger these guys might pose to the citizens he’s supposed to represent. So he’s basically saying he doesn’t care about that or the law.

The local police chief even warned the ‘protesters’ that federal agents were coming to extricate the suspects and their people from the bus and that the local police were there to protect the leftists not the federal agents.

But after hours of a standoff, the feds, who came in force, managed to make it to the bus and remove the suspects. There was one reported use of pepper spray during the standoff.

You can see the officers pulling the detainees off the bus and having to extricate them from the crowd here.

From Fox News:

“The law enforcement activity in Bend, Oregon is part of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission to arrest criminal aliens presenting a danger to public safety and take them off the street,” a statement acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cucinelli posted to Twitter read. “The two individuals arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior.”

“While ICE respects the rights of people to voice their opinion peacefully, that does not include illegally interfering with their federal law enforcement duties,” it said. “ICE will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its officers and detainees, and will vigorously pursue prosecution against anyone who puts them in harm’s way.”


But one moment seemed to typify the crazy that these radicals promote. They have no idea what these guys have done. Meanwhile they’re demonizing law enforcement who is protecting them.

So watch as ICE officers were removing one of the suspects during this saga. They came upon glass on the ground. Rather than make him walk over it with no shoes, they literally picked the man up so he wouldn’t hurt his feet. But it’s described as “ICE drags poor man over broken glass.”


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