One Place Chicago Rioters Attacked Reveals How Despicable They Are

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I have to admit this story has me burning.

Chicago rioters between Sunday night and Monday morning caused massive damage and chaos, looted everything from high end shops to a Walgreens. They also shot at police and two other people were shot, including a security guard. 100 people were arrested and 13 cops were injured, including one who got beaned in the head with a heavy object. Incredible damage which after the pandemic and the prior riots will likely cost people their jobs.

What made it more infuriating was that BLM Chicago then tried to justify it as we reported on Monday, calling the looting “reparations” and even seeming to encourage more looting, saying that “our futures have been looted from us, loot back.” They even had a solidarity rally for those arrested for looting.

Translation: we’re justified in ripping off whatever we want. Most of the folks looting last night didn’t look like they were starving or upset, indeed they were celebrating ripping off the high end merchandise they’d get to wear.


But the remarks are just what you’d expect from BLM, who have made no secret of their radical nature, even if many in the media have looked the other way. Is media still looking the other way now that BLM Chicago has endorsed looting for redistribution?

The whole action was reprehensible.

But there was one particular place that rioters went after that is just unconscionable.

They went after the Ronald McDonald House in downtown Chicago, that takes in kids suffering from cancer and their families while they are getting treatment at a nearby hospital.

The rioters smashed the widows and doors in the front of the building with the 30 families of frighted children and parents as well as staff inside.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

“[We were] very concerned there was a lot of activity right in front of the house, people making choices that could put them at risk and put our families at risk so the staff was frightened,” said Lisa Mitchell, of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

More than 30 families and their sick children were inside along with staff as they helplessly watched everything unfold outside.

“They are already in a really really difficult spot, and having this kind of additional stress and worry about getting to and from the hospital even-though we are 5 blocks away because of safety concerns is just doubling the strain,” Mitchell said.


What kind of people do this to sick kids and their families?

So does the BLM approve of terrorizing kids suffering from cancer and their already worried families?


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