Massive Chaos in Chicago: Riots, Looting, Shooting at Police, Cops Attacked

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Cops Dragged By Rioters in Chicago

Sunday night was a busy night for rioting with a lot of things happening.

It was the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, stoking things in Ferguson and in other cities.


There was also a police-involved shooting in Chicago. Allegedly, the suspect fired a gun at the police which they found later. The suspect is in the hospital. But just like with the Mike Brown situation, you had “witnesses” spreading false stories about the shooting including that the cops shot a child.

But that didn’t stop the immediate reaction of some in Chicago; it helped set off a chain reaction, with massive chaos in Chicago in response.

Hundreds of people rampaged through stores along the Magnificent Mile in the city and in other parts of the downtown, smashing and looting, even shooting at the cops at one point and attacking the police including beaning a cop in the head with an object.


At one point, someone shot at the police trying to respond to the chaos. While a police car was hit, no one was reportedly injured.

Other random shooting as well:

Cop didn’t even see it coming.


A security guard was shot in the stomach.

They even raised the bridges to prevent more people from coming in to loot.

This is what it looked like at the end of the night on Goose Island.

It was crazy, people were coming with bags to get stuff, cars were dropping off people, they even reportedly had a U-Haul truck pull up to be able to steal more stuff at a mall at one point.

So exactly what was this all about? A mistaken report in what, at this point, appears to be police shooting back at someone who shot at them? This isn’t protest and it doesn’t have any justification. But we’ll hear it this morning, I’m sure, that this is “protest” and people were “upset.” People weren’t upset, they were having the time of their lives picking up their Gucci and Louis Vuitton stuff. This wasn’t the “language of the unheard,” this was the language of the opportunists.



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