Biden Shamefully Tries to Pander and Divide over Mike Brown's Death, Gets Busted Big Time

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Vice President Joe Biden during interview. (Screenshot via Yahoo! News)

There have been lots of nicknames ascribed to Joe Biden, from creepy to sleepy. But someone needs to come up with one that fits just how much he panders for votes.


He was at it again today. Or perhaps whoever has a hold of his twitter account was.

Either way they let this one go.

Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store, when he was stopped by a cop because of it. There was a struggle during which Brown reached for the officer’s gun. There was no “hands up don’t shoot” moment, despite the narrative afterward that was aided by the media and still persists today. There was no indication that it had anything to do with any kind of racism.

Multiple investigations, including one under the Obama/Biden administration found the shooting justifiable and disputed Biden’s spin now. It was conducted by the Department of Justice under Eric Holder.


It’s what he does. No truth required. So is Twitter going to flag it for misinformation?


Democrats were in power in Ferguson and nationally, not Trump.

But Biden is in trouble now with recent bad racial statements he’s made, as well as a whole history of questionable racist statements. So he has to try to repair the damage by pandering, but actually being divisive and contributing to the untruths about the case when indeed he knew better. And if he actually truly thought there was something wrong with the Obama administration’s decision, why didn’t he speak up then? The answer is, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He just now wants to appear to be on the right side to the left.

But all this does is prop up the lie and continue to give full to it, while at the same time ignoring his own administration’s actions. Given the present charged atmosphere and the anniversary this is particularly shameful.

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