Portland Antifa Returns to Home of Woman They Attacked, Neighbors Come out to Defend Her

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Federal officers advance on demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

On Thursday, I wrote about the attempt to burn down the East Precinct in Portland and that after BLM/Antifa was pushed away from the precinct, they attacked a woman at the door of her home in a residential neighborhood. They shone powerful lasers that they have used to blind police officers at her, pushed her around, and threw her to the ground.

They also threatened to dox her to the internet, come back and vandalize her home.

They came back last night, after attacking the East Precinct yet again last night, and did, in fact, vandalize her home. They spray-painted her home, screaming at her that she was a Nazi, and threw something through her window.

Watch as they act like they are justified in attacking her in her home.


She had a swastika armband on the prior night and it’s not clear why, but you don’t get to go to people’s homes and attack them. These folks don’t seem to get what if people decided to go to their homes and attack them because of the hammer and sickle that some of them fly? Would that be correct? There’s a reason we have the rule of law and that’s the rule of law these people are trying to destroy. They are the fascists of whom they complain.

But then the lady’s neighbors, both black and white, came out to defend her and the neighborhood. The neighbors threw stuff at the Antifa crazies and threatened them if they didn’t leave. One of the Antifa freaked out at that and screamed that he had just threatened them. The neighbor mocked them and asked what were they going to do? Call the police? He said he thought they wanted to defund the police. They also said the police wouldn’t be there for a while and until then it was just them and Antifa.


One neighbor waved a pipe at them, telling them to leave.

Maybe this is what needs to happen to stop these people — the people just standing up to him and their violence — because the police have not been allowed to deal with them effectively to this point. There needs to be people rejecting this stuff and condemning it to turn the tide against the radical nature of the BLM and Antifa.


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