Monument Vandalized in California Explains a Lot About the Chaos Radical Leftists Are Trying To Spread Now

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FILE – In this Nov. 10, 1989 file photo Berliners sing and dance on top of The Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate one day after the opening of East-West German borders. East German leader Walter Ulbricht billed the 155-kilometer (96-mile) barrier as an “anti-fascist protective wall,” protecting his citizens from the West, but in reality it was to stop his citizens from fleeing for the West. (AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle, File)

We’ve see a lot of the myths that the left has been spreading about the chaos that radical leftists have been creating around the country.

We’ve seen the attempt to blame it all on a “white supremacist.”

We’ve heard about the “mostly peaceful” riots or that they’re just pulling down confederate statues, when they’ve gone after statues including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

But it’s important to understand the radical ideology behind what’s been going on.

That might explain the targeting of a monument in California.

Chapman University has a large chunk of the Berlin Wall as a monument on its campus as a symbol of freedom.

That monument was defaced earlier this week. Not just in a random way, but with brown paint, covering up the historical writing on it from the people against the wall from West Berlin and condemning the Communism trapping the people in East Berlin.


Who would want to cover that with brown paint? There aren’t that many choices.

From Daily Wire:

“I am outraged by this senseless attempt to destroy a priceless piece of history and heartbroken that this can happen on our own campus,” Daniel Struppa, president of the university, said in a statement, reports the news agency.

Back in 1998, when the wall fragment was first put up, The Los Angeles Times reported that Chapman President Jim Doti got the idea for it after seeing another piece of the Berlin Wall standing at the Ronald Reagan Library.

“It’s a symbol of the end of the Cold War and a symbol of freedom,” Doti said at the time. “I was asking students about it and they said, ‘We were just little kids when this came down.’ Well, I was just a little kid when this went up.”

“I remember Ronald Reagan standing at this wall and saying, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,’” said a university finance professor at the time, reports The L.A. Times. “And now a piece of it is sitting in our backyard.”

“Let this terrible act of vandalism be turned into a time to celebrate how fortunate we are to be the home to an important piece of history,” said Struppa, The Orange County Register reports.


An important point to note given current events.

We know of the barrier as the Berlin Wall.

But that isn’t what the Communists called it. They called it the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart,” because their narrative was it was protecting the people of East Berlin from the fascist Western capitalism on the other side. Not what it was actually doing, trapping them in a Communist disaster and not letting them leave. Eighty were killed trying to cross the wall.

Sort of says a lot about the Antifa of today and what it’s really all about, which may explain why it was attacked and the truth covered up.


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