CNN Piece on What Critical Swing Voters Are Thinking Now and It's Dynamite

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President Donald Trump listens during a “National Dialogue on Safely Reopening America’s Schools,” event in the East Room of the White House, Tuesday, July 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It’s not likely to find anything on CNN that’s favorable or even even-handed when it comes to President Donald Trump.

That’s one reason when it happens, it’s noteworthy.

But also, it’s incredibly significant information that gives us a great window into what a very important group of Americans thinks about the election and Trump.

If you just listened to the liberal media, pretty much all you would hear is polls show that Joe Biden is ahead. We saw how well that worked for them when they predicted Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to hear what real people are thinking.

So listen to what Rich Thau, a focus group moderator, the moderator of the Swing Voter Project, has to say.

He says he’s hearing strong support for President Trump from critical swing voters that could turn the election.

From CNN:

And, each month for the past 17 months, I’ve had a unique window into the Americans largely responsible for giving the president his slim Electoral College victory: so-called “Obama-Trump” swing voters across the upper Midwest.

Our Swing Voter Project has uncovered that many of these people, who live in places such as Canton, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Macomb County, Michigan, prefer Trump over Biden. In fact, 22 of 33 respondents in these four most recent locations feel this way.


Not only are they overwhelmingly with Trump at this point, upon reflection, these voters who voted Obama and Trump would now vote for Trump over Obama in a hypothetical match-up, according to Thau.

While he notes it’s possible they still change as we move ahead, he explains why most are still supporting Trump.

Beyond the numbers, though, it’s critical to understand why so many of them continue to support Trump.

They think a businessman is best suited to turn the country around economically. They feel Covid-19 was not Trump’s fault, and he’s doing the best he can to contain it. They conflate the Black Lives Matter protesters with the rioters attacking federal buildings and retail shops. They don’t want historic monuments torn down. And they dismiss defunding the police as ridiculous.

In other words, as I previously wrote, Americans are seeing the violence and putting the blame squarely on the left. That’s not helpful to Biden and these voters are feeling it too.

These voters tell me they want America finally to be put first; they oppose immigration and trade policies they say give benefits to foreigners at their expense. And they want a non-politician who relentlessly fights back, after witnessing too many office holders fold in the face of special interests.

These voters may sound like typical Fox News watchers, but, significantly, the overwhelming majority are not. Many are, instead, people who get their news disproportionately from local television, regional websites and Facebook. Compared to the kinds of people who seek out news from national cable channels, many swing voters reside in a national politics desert.


According to Thau, most of them can’t name anything that Biden has achieved in almost 50 years in politics. That’s accurate and it’s a killer when they’re looking for an actor, not another passive politician looking to ensure his party’s power.

Worse for the former vice president, several told me Biden would be a “puppet” of others if he were elected. That’s because many are convinced he has “dementia,” and they mocked him after seeing videos of his misstatements online.

That said, these voters are under no illusions about Trump’s shortcomings. They hate the tweeting, but some tolerate it as the price for hiring the relentless fighter they want.

This is going to cause a Democratic meltdown.



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