Chris Hayes Claimed Police Were 'Kidnapping' BLM Suspect, Has to be Schooled by His Own NBC Colleague

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Democrats and media have been spreading basically fake news about unidentified federal “troops” “kidnapping” people off the streets in Portland.


As we’ve already reported, this is incredible false propaganda, that involved a couple of cases of people detained by the CBP Bortac unit which had their agency patches on their shoulders, with badge numbers there and “POLICE” emblazoned across their chest. Cops, in any event, have to be in uniform, but can be in plain clothes and don’t need to read anyone their “rights” unless a suspect is being questioned in custody, which they later did in the case of one person they detained. All they needed was probable cause to detain the person, such as seeing them commit a crime at the riot at the courthouse, for example.

But this was all part of the lie to paint the federal agents as evil stormtroopers by folks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. They didn’t seem to care about the attacks on the United States or how those comments might endanger federal officers.

Now Democrats and media are even applying the claim to local police action, such as with this arrest by the NYPD where they did in indeed swoop in and grab a suspect who was part of the BLM in mostly plainclothes and unmarked van. You know, as has been done for decades without comment when picking up suspects. But there was a pretty obvious tell that they were police. See if you can pick it up.


Did you pick it up? The arrest was assisted by a ton of uniformed NYPD bike cops. Just a little obvious that this was police, don’t you think?

But apparently not for shining journalistic light, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Unfortunately for Hayes, the fake claim was quickly squashed by the NYPD who shut down his fake news.

Just like with the feds, quickly coming in and scooping a suspect up helps to prevent the suspect’s buddies from de-arresting the suspect.


Ya think?

But this was spread everywhere, boosted by Hayes’ claim that this was a “kidnapping.” It has 9.4 million views, despite the fact that the NYPD presence was obvious.

But what really did Hayes in was he had to be corrected by his own colleague, Tom Winter.

Boom. Nicely done. Nice to see NBC has at least one rational sensible person.

But seriously, people are so easily manipulated even when the evidence refuting the false claim is right in the video itself.

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