Shooting Near Portland Courthouse, Police Also Recover Loaded Rifle Magazines and Molotov Cocktails

Portland Police Bureau
AP featured image
Ammunition and destructive devices, Portland

At last night’s riot at the federal courthouse in Portland, there were far fewer people than there had been the night before. Even the “wall of moms” had begun to fail. They had to try to draft members of the public to fill out the wall when many simply didn’t show up.


But the rioters employed a new and very dangerous tactic: throwing Molotov cocktails at officers.

Warning for language.

It landed near federal officers.

Earlier in the day, Portland Police found a bag of Molotov cocktails and loaded rifle magazines at the park where rioters have been staging night after night.

One of the reasons police were there was because they were responding to reports of a shooting near the park. Two people were arrested and a third was wounded and taken to the hospital by private vehicle. The injury was non-life threatening.


Here’s a witness statement on what happened. If you can completely follow it, you’re better than me. But the gist of it is that yes, it started because of troublemakers in the park, i.e. Antifa/protesters.

But best I can ascertain at this point, there was an altercation over a man filming what some didn’t want filmed, the guy filming had a gun, someone tried to take it and they were beating on him. The gun dropped and a girl fired at one of the people with another gun.

It’s not clear if the Molotovs and the magazines had anything to do with the shooting.

But safe to say, chalk up another shooting to this ‘movement.’ How many was this just this weekend alone? I think I lost count.

But once again it shows how dangerous this situation is: violent armed people with live rounds who already have shown no compunction about attacking federal officers. And now they’ve graduated to Molotov cocktails as well.


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