Austin Police Chief Gives Update on Shooting of BLM Marcher, Garrett Foster

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Austin Police Chief Brian Manley briefs the media, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, Texas. The suspect in a spate of bombing attacks that have terrorized Austin over the past month blew himself up with an explosive device as authorities closed in, the police said early Wednesday. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The police are out with more of what they believe to be the facts in the shooting of the BLM protester in Austin, Texas.

We reported earlier how BLM protesters who were marching in the street got mad at a car that they thought got too close to them. As you can see from the video, it doesn’t appear that the car ran into them or sped up at them as some protesters had claimed.

The group surrounded the car allegedly including Garrett Foster, who was carrying an AK-47.

The police say that they believe at this point that Foster may have aimed his weapon at the motorist but in a twist, they say there was shooting from a second person in the crowd.


From KVUE:

In an update on July 26, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said reports indicated Foster was carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect then shot out of their car at Foster, according to APD. Manley said that the person who shot Foster called 911 to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he fired at the person pointing the gun. That suspect was detained and cooperating with officers, police said Sunday morning.

The first person, according to Manley, to have fired a weapon in the incident appears to have been driver in the car. Manley said those shots came after the driver said Foster pointed weapon at him.

Manley confirmed on July 26 that one shooter was the driver of a car and said the other was in the crowd and may have opened fire on the car as it drove away.

So there was a second person in the crowd there who fired at the motorist’s car, but it wasn’t Foster.

Both the motorist and the second person were interviewed by the police and released, pending further investigation. Their weapons were seized for examination.


What’s a little odd about this account is that the first five shots sound like an AK. But the police are saying no, at least as they presently understand the facts. And if someone else had fired first, you would think the motorist would say that. But apparently, he is not saying that.

Foster was allegedly interviewed at an earlier point about carrying the rifle to the protest.

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