Philly DA Threatens to Arrest Federal Agents If Trump Sends Them There

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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner speaks with members of the media during a news conference in Philadelphia, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. Krasner said Ryan Pownall, a fired white Philadelphia police officer, has been charged with criminal homicide for fatally shooting a black man in the back after a confrontation over a dirt bike. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Leave it to Democrats to try to spin the federal response in Portland to fit their narrative about President Donald Trump.

The evil orange man is trying to take over and invade cities!

You really couldn’t get much worse than what Democrats have done in Portland. Even the rioters hate Mayor Ted Wheeler, knowing he’s just an empty suit. He just blamed the feds for gassing him claiming nothing justified it, but he as the police commissioner has been gassing rioters for most of the last 55 days of riots and then threatened it again last night after he lied to the national media.

Now of course this is completely ridiculous spin by the Democrats given that the federal government has every right to send the agents to cities to protect federal property and enforce federal law.

Indeed federal agents from the various agencies in question like the FBI and the ATF are already operating in cities, just that in the cities that he might send them too, like Chicago, he would be supplementing the forces already there. Chicago could really use the help as we observed given the horror show of shootings that they have had there.

According to Bloomberg, But Larry Krasner, the District Attorney for Philadelphia threatened the agents with arrest if the president sent them there.

Now, as he admitted, he doesn’t even know if Trump was considering sending anyone to Philly, so this is empty posturing on his part. He also acknowledged that Trump had every right to send agents to Philly.

But he spread the false narrative about federal agents “kidnapping” people for “exercising their constitutional rights” and “trying to make America a better place.” That’s how he describes Antifa and the radical rioters of Portland who have said their goal is the abolition of the United States.


“Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps people will face criminal charges from my office,” he said. “It is a strictly political, racist, divisive, fear-based fictional agenda. All of this stuff comes out of the fascist playbook. All this stuff comes out of the white supremacist playbook.” Eyeroll. How silly. Enforcing the law is “racist” apparently.

Acting Border Patrol head Mark Morgan explained that his BORTAC team had been helping out the Federal Protective Service in Portland deal with the anarchists attacking the federal courthouse every night for the past couple of weeks. They arrested or detained suspected rioters, in fully identifiable gear of the agency. No one’s rights were violated, it was normal policing.

But Krasner was backed by George Soros in his position which means he seems more about releasing criminals than actually prosecuting them. So Philly has increasingly gotten worse since he became DA.

From Philly Mag:

What happens in a major metropolitan city like Philadelphia when you elect a district attorney whose primary goal is releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them?

The results, however, were all too predictable.

Gun-related violent crime is rising in Philadelphia. The police force is demoralized. Victims of crimes, their families, and advocacy groups feel betrayed.

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

When he was running for district attorney, Larry Krasner, supported by a PAC funded by George Soros, made his commitment to social reform and reducing the inmate population quite clear. He promised to fundamentally transform the city’s criminal justice system.


He’s funneled a lot of gun cases through a diversionary program which means people who should be locked up are not and gun crime continues.

When Krasner was practicing law in Philadelphia – specializing in criminal defense and civil rights cases – he sued the police department some 75 times. He doesn’t believe in the death penalty, and he’s called law enforcement “systemically racist.”

This is what happens when you put folks like this in as DA. I keep saying it, but folks on the right haven’t paid attention as folks like Krasner have been running and winning DA positions in important cities across the country.


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